Name of the scheme: Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project   (APMDP)

The Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project (APMDP) is a US $387.3 million project being implemented by Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) with support from World Bank Focused attention to integrated development of Basic Services to the Urban Poor in the cities covered under the Mission.   The scheme is monitored by the Municipal Strengthening Unit (MSU) at C&DMA office.

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • To help improve high priority urban services in selected ULBs of AP, and

  • The capacity of ULBs to develop and manage urban services  

The Project comprises 4 major components as A, B, C & D, APUIF plays a major role in respect of component “C” a major component of the scheme.  Component “C” is funded through the APUIF to the ULBs.  APUIF is an intermediate entity will received funds from the C&DMA and will fund the sub projects at the ULB level by providing sub loans and capital grants to them.

Sector wise: Implementation of Water Supply Services Improvements    

The Govt. of A.P. issued the administrative sanction to following ULBs viz., Vizianagaram, Badvel, Markapur, Kakinada, Ananthapur, Guntur, Armoor, Manugur, Malkajgiri (HMWSSB) with the total project costs of Rs. 1492.38 Crores.